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Walk the Hidden Beaches and Streets of Puerto Vallarta

Here's another activity we highly recommend. Our friend Sylvie Scopazzo operates the tour and is so knowledgeable about the history of Puerto Vallarta. This city tour is experiencing the beauty and history of Puerto Vallarta! You'll discover inner city beaches that most tourists don't know about, sample delicious seafood along the way, learn the history of PV, visit the markets and view street art.

Visit the side of Vallarta most tourists don't see! Learn the little secrets of Vallarta not found in any history books or google! Depending on our luck and timing, we’ll visit what's behind the walls, including boutique hotels, villas, homes etc. This tour is about the journey to the cross up on the hill. Expect a good work out and expect spectacular views along the way and at the top! You’ll meet true locals, learn about their culture and experience the ‘real’ side of Puerto Vallarta life. Power Walk the Hidden Streets of Puerto Vallarta" is a unique tour that will leave you feeling like you've experienced the true essence of this city. This tour is more than the cross on the hill. It is a journey along the unbeaten path! Tour is offered on MONDAYS - 9:30am start Day can be flexible with groups of 4 or more. NOTE: Tours run November to June (Closed during summer months)

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